The Fountain House in Frederikshavn started September 1st 2010, and started accepting members one month later.

Fountain House Frederikshavn

The Fountain House model focuses on the well-being and growth, which is facilitated by the feeling that each individual is expected, wanted and needed.


The house is run equally by the staff and the house members, in a collaborative work enviroment, where all decisions are agreed on, and everyone is involved in the work around the house.


All decision and work plans are taken up on meeting, where both the employees and members attend.


The daily life in the house follows a structure organised into units.
Where the standard units are office-, kitchen-, janitorialunit.


Within each of these units., members can choose what they want to do that day.


The house functions as both a clubhouse, and a workplace. Therefore it is important, that all members get the necessary support and motivation, if they want to continue to study or go out into the job market.


We therefore take great care to establish good working relationships with educational institutions and businesses, and make concrete agreements on bookend and transition work.


All of our activities have one thing in commen. They all are a part of a meaningful day, and help make good social relationships.


The concept of Fountain House Frederikshavn is the same as the other Fountain Houses around Denmark and the rest of the world. 

More information is available on the official danish fountain house website www.fhdk.dk