The Work Community

In the Fountain House in Frederikshavn all days follow the same work structure. This helps create a safe working enviroment, and ensures that everyone knows what to do.
The fixed structure also helps create transparancy and give insight into the decisions taken.

The structure is solid, but the tasks vary, and are organized to fit each member. So it is by no means boring, but gives great satisfaction, to play your part, and help with some of the necessary tasks around the house.

Decisions on what should be done, and who should do it, are taken up on meeting.
Day to day activity is planned on a meeting every morning, and some bigger decisions are taken up on the house meeting every tuesday.

Grocery shopping, making dinner, doing the dishes, make coffee. These are just some of the things that need to be done, so that the house can function at its best.

We have a large lovely garden that has to be cared for. But if you are more interested in administrative work, then every day there thing to be booked, a diary to be written, a website needs to update, and a brochure to be trimmed and prepared.

Daily Schedule

The house opens at 8 AM every morning, and there is breakfast at 9. But if you want to help with breakfast, your welcome before 9.

After breakfast, around 9:30 AM, there is a morning meeting, where the daily tasks are discussed. Here you can choose for the day, if you want to help out in the kitchen, do some work in the garden help around the house, or do some administrative work in the office. Every unit works until 11 AM, and then there is a coffee break. After this we work to 1 PM, or till dinner is served. After dinner we work to 3 PM, where afterwards we sit down together for tea / coffee, and house closes at 3:30 PM.

There are though two days a week, where the schedule is changed a little bit. Our weekly house meeting is every tuesday at 11:15 AM, and is usually over by 12.

And thursday, dinner is served at 12 AM, as several of the house members are going to " mob din krop ". A fitness offer for people with a mental illness, in Frederikshavn municipality.