About Our Support Association

Our support association has two main purpouses:

1 : To help publicize the fountain house in Frederikshavn
2 : To provide financial support for activities  for the benefit of house staff and members.

The first means the support association helps us to get ahead in Frederikshavn, as well as to put the light on the fountain house. This is partly done through 

- Leaflets 
- Cooperation with the municipality 
- Cooperation with N7 psychiatric ward 
- To inform the relatives of members

All this helps us to get through to the public, and makes it easier for us to help others.

section. 2 means that we can get financial support from the association for activities that are out of the house. Boat trips, picnics, etc.
With the financial support, these things can become a reality.

It is also possible to become a member of the support association. It costs 100, - per year and helps to make life a little more fun down in the fountain house.